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Welcome to the DIY Page! Here you will find all the instructions on how to create the perfect Bracelet!


How to make a Stretch Bracelet

  1. Thread the bead(s) with the largest hole onto the elastic cord (this will allow you to hide the knot within the center of the bead). (if it is a letter bracelet, I recommend spelling the entire word first)
  2. Thread the remaining beads onto elastic string (is up to you the pattern you choose) until the bracelet is slightly larger than your wrist.
  3. While holding both ends of the cord gently wrap the bracelet around your wrist to measure the length. You may need assistance with this from a friend.
  4. When you deem it long enough grasp the elastic cord at the end of the beads and stretch the cord slightly (this will help to prevent it from stretching out while being worn, keep in mind this is an elastic cord, it can break. I recommend pull- release technique)
  5. Lastly is the knot ( see Picture). make a standard knot, while keeping tension on the knot, wrap the cord twice to make a surgeons knot and pull tight. the knot should become very small (be careful to not pull too hard, again I recommend a pull and release technique) then make another standard knot again pulling tight!.
  6. I always glue my knots with a fast drying glue like super glue gel. After placing a small bead of glue on the knot I snip the cords. then shift the bead over the knot to hide it!